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What is Tansen pan masala contact number? What is Tansen distributor contact number? What is Tansen pan masala owner’s contact number?  What is Tansen gutkha company contact number? What is Tansen pan masala official website?  What is Tansen Pan Masala Wholesale Price?

If you want to know this information, then we will provide you all this information in this post, just stay with us.

Friends, have you eaten Tansen Pan Masala? or are you fond of it?  and even if you have not eaten then you must have heard the name, Today we will tell you the complete information of Tansen and also the Contact number of Tansen Pan Masala. In this we will also tell how it is made.

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Tansen Pan Masala Contact Number :-

Tansen Pan Masala Company was founded in 1929 in Noise India. This Company was established by Lala Dharmpal Sugandhi, Satyapal Sugandhi. Its serves Worldwide Area. It is the conglomerate type of Industry which mainly deals with Spices and Beverages, Confectionery, Mouth Fresheners,  Hospitality, Tobacco, Packaging and Agro forestry, dairy Products and many more. This famous Tansen pan masala was looked after by his Dharampal’s son, Satyapal.

The products that this company provides are Rajnigandha, Catch, Chingles, Pulse (Confectionery).


About Tansen Pan Masala :-

The manufacturer of Tansen Pan Masala Company is Lala Dharmapal who established this company in 1929 at Chandni Chowk New Delhi. Now this company is being looked after by Lala Dharampal Sugandhi, son Satyapal Sugandhi. The turnover of this company is about Rs.6500 crores. DS Group is the largest selling tobacco manufacturer of India, which is Rajnigandha. This company is located in Noida, India. It mainly deals with the products like Chingles, Rajnigandha, Catch, Pulse and many more.

Tansen Pan Masala is made up of cardamom, katha, saffron, betel nut and high technology machine is used in it. People eat it as a mouth freshener and it has many other popular products including Tulsi, Pan Bahar, Baba Supari, and Rajnigandha. The price of one sachet of Tansen Pan Masala has been fixed at 5 rs and has 3 gm quantity by which every person can buy it.

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