Swiggy Customer Care Number for Food Delivery Services

Feeling hungry, We get it in No time!, a well-popular line from the Swiggy advertising theme. So, want to order a meal for your dinner and don’t have a smartphone then call the Swiggy customer Care Number and they delivered food at your doorsteps.

Background of Swiggy

Swiggy is an Indian-based food ordering service that can deliver your food in NO time. This company has its headquarters in Bangalore, India, and becomes one of the largest and most trusted food delivery services.

Swiggy has its own self-managed delivery partners usually the motorbike backed with large black boxes having Swiggy logo on it. They just crossed a century of cities in terms of successful food delivery platforms.

Swiggy App

Available platforms:
Android | iOS | Website

Swiggy Customer Care Number for Food Delivery Services

Swiggy provides a bunch of ordering platform, commonly the app, which is a tremendous platform for getting your flavored dishes directly to your home.

So, you can say that the Swiggy app is a complete food solution for urban foodies who don’t have time or don’t want to reach the restaurant by themselves.

Swiggy Customer Care Number and Services

Swiggy Main Office Details

Bangalore Tower D, 9th Floor, IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore– 560029,
Office Contact Phone Number– 011 6000 6600

Swiggy Customer Care Numbers
A. Swiggy General Contact Number
  1. Phone Numbers: 080-67466789
  2. Number: +19292145023
  3. Phone Number: 080- 6000 6600
B. Swiggy Contact Number for Helping in Ordering food

Swiggy doesn’t accept orders on call but they provide help in placing orders.
Phone Number: +91-7259085922

C. Swiggy Customer Care Number for Editing your Food Order

Phone Number: +91-7259085922
Email Id: packaging@swiggy.in

D. Customer Care Number for Swiggy for Editing Sides and Drinks Order

Phone Number: +91-7022409237
Email Id: swiggyassist@swiggy.in

E. Swiggy Customer Care Number for Complaints & Suggestions

  1. Phone Number: 080-67466777
  2. Phone Number: 080-68179777

Customer Care Mail addresses for Various Services offered by Swiggy

A. Swiggy Customer Care Mail Address for complaints

B. Customer Care Mail Address for Suggestions

C. Mail address for Swiggy as a Career option

If you want to join Swiggy as a delivery boy then you can contact them

Why is my location being displayed as “not serviceable”?

This may due to the un-reachable of restaurants in your area or we are not having any services in your area yet.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my delivery?

You can contact our customer care by simply dialing on+91-7022409237 or mail at us swiggyassist@swiggy.in

Is there any refund policy for the products which could not be delivered?

Swiggy offers a free refund policy for non-deliverable food orders.

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