PaySense Customer Care Number and Email Address

Want to get an instant loan? PaySense provides instant loans up to 5 lakhs. Contact the PaySense customer care number or email them. We have listed down all the contact details of PaySense customer care for you.

What is PaySense

PaySense is a non-govt company which was incorporated on 24 July 2015 which basically provides instant personal loans from ?5000 to ?5 lakh to all person who is eligible under the given criteria:

  • Must be a resident of India.
  • Employed as well as having a  minimum monthly income of ? 12,000 and ? 15,000.
  • Age is between 21 to 60 years.

However, once the application procedure for taking a loan is completed, the amount of the loan will be directly sent to their bank account within a limited period of time. 

PaySense App

You can download the Paysense app from the Google Play Store and also through the website.

Available on
Android | Website

PaySense Customer Care Number and Contact Services

Registered Offices of PaySense

Office space 605,
Diamond Tower, Purani Chungi,
Neelkanth Colony, Vidhyut Nagar,
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021

PaySense Customer Care Number Mumbai

Sadly, until now, there is no customer care number for PaySense. And there are only two ways to contact PaySense customer care, is through their postal address and via email.

Contact Customer Care of PaySense via Postal Address

Jaivilla Dev Shakti
49 Tilak Road, Navyug Colony,
Santacruz West, Mumbai, 400054

PaySense Contact Details Using Email Address

For all queries related to the PaySense, whether app-related issues or for loan inquiries, you can contact their customer care team via the following listed email.


Contact PaySense Customer Care through Whatsapp

As stated earlier, PaySense has no customer care number but they have a WhatsApp number that you can only get when you addressed your issues over the mail. After that, they will provide you a personal contact WhatsApp number for sorting the queries.

General FAQ

1. How does PaySense work?
Ans. PaySense works to offer personal loans from Rs 5000 to 5 lakhs. And based on the interest that you give them is the source of their income.

2. How I contact the PaySense Customer Care number for getting a personal loan?
Ans. There is no customer care number available. But you can contact them using their email address i.e. at

3. How do I pay EMI with PaySense?
Ans. You can do all the transitions on their app from the pay sections, which you can download from the play store.

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