APSRTC Customer Care Contact Number, Complaint & Email id

APSRTC Customer Care-If you are in Andhra Pradesh or you are moving to Andhra Pradesh, then you should get aware of APSRTC. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation is the road transport service provided by the state government of Andhra Pradesh. It is a public transport bus service. It provides both transportation and courier & parcel service. APSRTC serves in Andhra Pradesh and the major towns of Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Odisha, Puducherry, and Telangana.

APSRTC 24×7  Customer Care Toll-Free-Number:

For Enquiry about ticket, service, or customer support, you can directly call on given numbers. You can complain about services or other issues.

APSRTC Customer Care Numbers are given below-

Contact Number- 0866-257 0005

Phone Number 040-7190 3443 (Enquiry/Grievances)

WhatsApp Number- 79933 55619

Complaint Number- 0866-257 0006

Courier Service Number- 0866-297 3435

Online Support Email id online.support@apsrtconline.in, customercare@apsrtconline.in, logisti@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

APSRTC Customer Care Enquiry Number:

APSRTC Vijayawada Bus Station (PNBS) Enquiry Number-  0866-2523926 / 0866-2523928

Enquiry Of Phone Numbers- 9490312912

APSRTC Heads of department Numbers:

APSRTC  Chief traffic manager

 Contact number- 9959224666, 9959222746          

Email id ctm@apsrtc.ap.gov.in, ctmcomm@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

ALSRTC Chief mechanical engineer

Contact Number- 0866-2429331, 9959225040

Email id – cmecb@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

ALSRTC Chief mechanical engineer(m) 

Contact Number-0866-2429329, 9959225001

Email id- cmeo@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

ALSRTC Chief controller of stores            

Number-0866-2429379, 9154104442

Email id- ccos@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

ALSRTC Chief manager (personal secretary)       

Number- 0866-2429325 , 9959224900,

Fax Number-0866-2429326

Email. Id- cpm@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

APSRTC Corporate department Numbers:

ALSRTC Vice chairman & managing director       

Number- 0866-2524233

Fax Number- 0866-2522411        

Email id- vcnmd@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

ALSRTC Executive directors (m) customer

Number- 0866-2429321, 9154104409

 Email id- edonmis@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

ALSRTC Executive director( e ) Customer

Number- 0866-2524237,9154104411

Email id- edenit@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

ALSRTC Financial advisor & chief acc. officer

Number- 0866-2324238,9989582266

Email id- fa@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

Other Contacts-


Number- 9959225847    

Email Id-  rmtpt@apsrtc.ap.gov.in



Email id- rmtpt@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

East godavari


Email id-rmrjy@apsrtc.ap.gov.in


Number- 9959225412    

Email id- rmgnt@apsrtc.ap.gov.in



Email id –rmkdp@apsrtc.ap.gov.in



Email id- rmvja@apsrtc.ap.gov.in



Email id- rmkrnl@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

North east coastal region            


Email id-rmnec@apsrtc.ap.gov.in



Email id- rmnlr@apsrtc.ap.gov.in



Email id- rmogl@apsrtc.ap.gov.in


Number- 9959225580

Email id- rmvsp@apsrtc.ap.gov.in

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